A four day, three night guided hunt at the Rolling “O” Ranch is $1,250 per hunter. This price includes lodging and meals, and a personal guide will be provided for each hunter. Also included are the harvesting of does, spikes, turkeys, hogs, javelina, coyotes, and bobcats.

If space allows, a hunter may invite a non-shooting guest/guests for an added charge of $150/night. Recently, we have found that this has been ideal for families wanting to share a hunting experience! Non-shooting guests are encouraged to fish, ride around the ranch, practice shooting at our range, and sit in blinds to video/photograph wildlife. If you enjoy fishing, we have seven tanks stocked with black bass, sun perch, channel catfish, and crappie that you can try your luck at between the morning and evening hunts.

A $1,250 deposit is due in full when the hunt is booked, and it is non-refundable. Bucks harvested scoring more than 120 B/C will have an added ‘kill fee’ based on gross Boone and Crockett score (see schedule below).

Kill Fee Calculation

The ‘kill fee’ due to the Rolling “O” Ranch on trophy white-tailed deer that are killed or wounded are as follows:

120 - 129 7/8 gross B/C $1,000
130 - 139 7/8 gross B/C $1,000 + $100/inch
140 - 149 7/8 gross B/C $2,000 + $150/inch
150 - 159 7/8 gross B/C $3,500 + $150/inch
160 - 169 7/8 gross B/C $5,000 + $150/inch
170 - 179 7/8 gross B/C $6,500 + $200/inch

Pricing Table

Tommy Olafson